The prices are calculated differently depending on the service. This is mainly due to the different effort involved in the tasks. 

Translations of general language texts are often difficult to estimate in terms of price. Therefore, I usually proceed in such a way that I check the effort required for the translation by means of an excerpt. Then I will make you an offer with the respective price per word or a fixed price.

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Counted in the source text.
per word
  • English > German
  • Italian > German
  • French > German

Proofreading & Editing

per hour
  • German texts
  • MTPE
  • source language: EN, FR, IT

Literary translations

per page
  • German texts
  • complete package
  • incl. editing & proofreading

Specialist translations

I charge for specialist translations from English into German according to the number of words in the source text.

The basic price is 0.15 Euro* net per word. However, the final price depends on other factors, as I deal with the texts in different degrees of intensity depending on the deadline, degree of difficulty or file format.

The minimum order value is 50 Euro.

I will be happy to make you an individual offer if you send me the text (at least excerpts).

Proofreading & Editing

Proofreading is charged according to time spent and I charge a net fee of 50 Euro* per hour. Please note that I only proofread and edit German texts.

How does the price come about?

In the case of simple proofreading, i.e. checking the text for typographical, spelling and grammatical errors, I need an average of 5 minutes per page for careful reading – this results in a minimum price of around 3.50 euros per page (1,500 characters).  However, this depends on the number of necessary corrections.

Proofreading a novel, especially if it has already been edited, is usually much faster so that in this case you can expect 2 euros per page (1,500 characters).

When editing, i.e. checking the text for style and coherence as well as for typographical, spelling and grammatical errors, I can produce an average of around 10 pages per hour, which results in a price of around 6.50 euros per page (1,500 characters). This again depends on the quality of the source text.

Would you still like to know in advance what it costs?

In this case, I offer you to work on your text for one hour. After this hour I can tell you how much I have achieved and can extrapolate this to the complete text. Besides, you can also judge the quality of my work. Should you then decide against further proofreading, you will pay a one-time fee of 50 Euro* net.

Literary translations

I charge literature translations from English into German per page. A literary translation always includes proofreading and editing as a complete package.

Per page (1,500 characters) you can count on approx. 25 Euro* net for translation, editing and proofreading. Any royalties are independent of this and will be agreed separately. For editing and proofreading, I independently commission different people.

This is a transaction without sales tax pursuant to Art. 1 para. 58. of the Italian. Law No. 190/2014, flat-rate system, without application of the withholding tax as advance payment.