Proofreading & editing of German texts

Do you know it?

You read a newspaper article, a book or a blog and find one spelling mistake after the other? It seems that these texts have not been proofread. 

Just by making spelling mistakes on the homepage, the turnover generated by this page can be reduced by up to 50%. The same applies of course to advertisements. Every error read affects the customer’s decision to buy.

Typing errors in a printed matter such as brochures or books can be expensive if the entire print run has to be re-copied.

The quality of a thesis has a strong impact on the final grade of your studies. Typos and spelling mistakes in your thesis can affect your entire professional life.

Even love letters are nicer to read if the grammar is right!

ThinkBig - Independent & creative Sabrina Siemons Translation Übersetzungen

I am happy to proofread your German texts and free them from all typos and spelling mistakes, such as incorrectly set or surplus apostrophe, commas, hyphens.
A reformulation of the text, if you have had a hard time with the expression, is likewise possible – completely as you would like.

Please note that I only proofread German texts. If you need another language, I can offer you a mediation.