Language directions

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I offer translations of general and specialist text. You can commission the following language directions:

The consideration of cultural and linguistic aspects of the target language is particularly important for translations. This is especially true for documents that are intended for a client in a culture other than the company’s own culture.

In my opinion, a native speaker is the person who knows these points best.

For this reason I only offer translations into my mother tongue German.

Translation of specialist texts

Through my professional career, I have the necessary background knowledge to be able to correctly use the terminology of financial texts.

European financial regulation

Finance & Banking

Project Management

In addition to general language translations in the above-mentioned language directions, I also offer specialist translations in the fields of finance, banking, European financial regulation and project management in the language combination English – German.

I am happy to translate your self-published novels from English into German.

However, pure translation is not enough in the field of literary translation. Like a book written in the original language, a translated novel must also be proofread and edited.

The style is checked during editing / revision. Since the source text is not as familiar to the editor/reviser as to the translator and four eyes always see more than two, even the best translation will always have room for improvement.

Typos and spelling mistakes are then corrected by a third person. Since both the translator and the editor have often already become “operationally blind” after the second reading of the entire book, the proofreading gives the book the final touch.

To avoid a book being published without editing and proofreading, I only offer literary translations as a complete package. For you this means that you do not have to worry about anything and that you will receive a print-ready copy of the book after the agreed time.

Literary translations

ThinkBig - Independent & creative Sabrina Siemons Translation Übersetzungen
©Gerd Altmann

Subcontracting of translations

I am happy to arrange another native speaker within my network for texts to be translated in a language other than those mentioned above.

Contacts to other translators with other subject areas for specialist translations are also no problem.

Please contact me about this.